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Clear Braces straighten teeth and correct bite issues just like traditional metal braces but without the noticeable wires. At Belmar Orthodontics, we offer clear braces near Lakewood, CO and other discreet options for straightening your smile. Our orthodontist Dr. T.C. Hardy has many years of experience with providing straighter teeth.

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What Are Clear Ceramic Braces?

These are very beneficial orthodontic tools to straighten the teeth, correct spacing defects, and fix bite problems. Mainly, they are used to straighten and realign teeth, and so increase the aesthetics of your smile and add to your confidence. They are also very useful to treat other problems like crossbite, underbite, or overbite teeth.

Why choose this treatment?

For years, traditional metal braces have been used for adjusting many dental problems in kids and teenagers. They are also notoriously known as ‘’metal-mouth’’ braces because they are visible and most noticeable.

Nowadays, with advanced technology, dentistry and its associated branches have made generous strides. Even the traditional metal type are much more attractive these days. Actually, they are considered as a symbol of wealth or material comfort in poorer countries, while in developed countries they are not as aesthetic because they are more noticeable and prominent when you smile and talk.

Because of the need for less noticeable, more natural and aesthetic solutions, clear or invisible types have been developed, with indeed, a higher cost. With traditional types, the most noticeable part are the metallic arch wires that passes through your teeth within the brackets. The arch wire must be strong and tough because it works as a backbone.

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How They Work?

The main function of old-style wire types and the invisible kind are similar. Archwire plays an important role, which is to tighten the teeth completely. The archwire color, even with ceramic, is metallic, however frosted or tooth color can also be used. The archwire applies pressure on teeth, using the ceramic brackets. These brackets are attached to the teeth or through the bands and held to the archwire with the help of colored elastics.

The pressure level is very important and must be set by the doctor as archwire is used to apply pressure on brackets. So, without any significant pain, gradually your teeth move in the right direction. As they move, pressure is released and the archwire should be readjusted as well. This is done regularly for one to four years, the length determined by how severe the case is and also the age of the patient. Once the correct alignment is achieved, the patient may end up wearing a plastic retainer or tooth guards for a while after.

They are made just for you or your child after an impression is made. They will guide the alignment and prevent them from returning to their old alignment. You will be guided regarding use and duration by our Orthodontist Dr. T.C. Hardy, who is nearby Lakewood.

Caring for Them

Transparent braces Lakewood CO are strong, but they should still be cared for to avoid any mishap. Some suggestions are given below:

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    Harmful Foods – They are porous, so they should be protected from staining. Therefore, avoid tobacco, alcohol, tomato products, berries, dark sodas, coffee, mustard and foods which contain dyes.

  • Oral Cleanliness – Follow recommended care daily. The chances of plaque development are very high with this appliance. Therefore, regularly brush your teeth with an inter-dental toothbrush according to the guidance of your hygienist, along with flossing as well with mouth rinsing which will protect you from tooth decay.
  • Checkups Regularly – Most of the parts of your mouth are invisible from you and you cannot clean them even try continuously. So for complete checkup & parts cleaning for kids, teenagers and adults please visit us around every six months.
  • Do not Use Whitening Toothpastes – Whitening toothpastes will make the area dark under the braces if you wear them. And due to the involvement of the chemicals, they will harm the color of brackets. More importantly, all the patients should be away from smoking & drinking during treatment.

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Because of their advantages, teenagers and pediatric patients are now using clear braces Lakewood regularly. However, there are some disadvantages as well. Here are a few of the most important:


  • Aesthetics – The look is the main advantage of these braces. Due to them being less visible, with semi-translucent brackets, they are especially good for white teeth. For darker teeth, colored ceramic are used.
  • Reduced Irritation – Patients with this type tell us they feel less pain and their gums are less irritated.


  • Cost – The price of this type tend to be higher than the traditional metallic type.
  • Staining – These can become discolored. Because they are clear or white, it’s important to avoid foods that stain.
  • Weaker than metallic ones – While very strong, they can tend to be more fragile than their metallic counterparts. They can easily chip or crack. They can also be less beneficial in severe cases of misalignment or improper bite.

Sapphire Braces

Certain clear ones are also called Sapphire braces. They are crystal clear, made from mono-crystalline sapphire. They omit all the light coming through, thus they are nearly invisible. They are also more stain-resistant than other clear types. They are perfect for very white teeth as the tooth itself will be more visible than the braces themselves.

Clear Braces Cost

Because the ceramic braces Lakewood, CO are more aesthetic, natural, and popular than other types, they also tend to be costlier than other traditional kinds. Their cost can range between $4000-$8000 while the cost of metallic braces is between $2500-$7000. Teeth Alignment with Transparent Braces near me.

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Paying for braces shouldn’t be a frustrating or complicated thing. We don’t want your experience to be like that. We’ve worked really hard to make it as simple and straight forward as possible by providing clear, straightforward, and realistic financing terms.