What You Need To Know About Crossbite

Your child is likely to have a crossbite, which does not normally go away as they grow older. The misalignment may impact only the back teeth, front teeth, or even both. If left untreated, this malocclusion might have catastrophic consequences. Occlusion is the term that describes the way how the teeth fit together as the top and bottom jaws come together.

What Causes Crossbite? | Types of Cross bites | What issues do Crossbites cause? | How to Treat Crossbite Teeth | Crossbite Vs Underbite

What Causes Crossbite?

Whenever the upper jaw is too narrow, it sits inside the lower jaw, causing a crossbite. An orthodontist can cure a crossbite in a variety of ways, all of which are feasible. This can cause you to be self-conscious about your smile, in addition to making eating difficult. One of the potentially serious cases is the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). TMJ can result in earaches, jaw pain or discomfort, headaches, as well as jaw problems in the muscles. At Belmar Orthodontics, it is possible to identify the root cause of the problem and prevent TMD and other consequences that may affect your dental and overall health.

Types of Crossbites

There are two types of dental crossbite: anterior and posterior. When the incisors are positioned within the lower jaw, this is referred to as an anterior crossbite. A posterior crossbite is a condition that affects the back of the jaw and can cause pain and discomfort. Posterior crossbites affect 16% of children, but anterior crossbites affect only 4–5% of children.

What Issues Do Crossbites Cause?

Genetics is the most frequent reason for crossbite in children. Most of the time, it is a genetic case with relation to the parents or other close family members. Among the several causes of crossbite like the persistent use of a pacifier, nail biting, poor chewing habits, or thumb sucking (a frequent childhood habit), it can also be caused by the delayed loss of primary teeth. It’s probable that having large tonsils or adenoids aggravates this condition. During your initial consultation, Dr. Timothy Hardy will take x-rays to establish the root cause of your crossbite as well as provide help and advice on how to treat it. Read more about overcrowding.

Cross bites effects:

Misaligned biting raises the likelihood of dental issues and bruxism. You may also experience some health problems, mental difficulties, or other problems. A misaligned bite can cause jaw muscle tension, tooth decay, and gum disease, all of which can contribute to persistent jaw disorders and shoulder, neck, and back pain.

You must receive a diagnosis as soon as possible in order to perform the correction of this type of conditions and avoid future dental and skeletal issues. This issue must be addressed before it worsens in order to avoid the need for orthognathic surgery.

How To Treat Crossbite Teeth

If the involved person is a child or in their teens, it is best to address this form of malocclusion during this age. Adults, on the other hand, can still undergo treatments, but these dental restorations are treated at a much slower pace compared to young patients. It is recommended by the American Dental Association or ADA that the dentist ensures there would be enough room or space to move the teeth and that the bite can be enlarged to facilitate the shift. The patient will also be needed to wear an orthodontic appliance during therapy.

Maxillary Expander

Your orthodontist will attach a device to the palate and place it to the upper teeth. Using a special key on the device, the maxillary expander gradually widens the upper palate. This device is best suited for kids who are still developing their taste buds.

Removable Expander

With the use of expanders, an adult can gradually enhance the size of their upper palate. Devices like this are worn every night until the desired results are obtained.

Braces Treatment

Can braces fix crossbite? Yes, they can cure many kinds of bite problems, not just crossbites. Adult teeth and jaw bone are realigned using fixed orthodontic appliances like metal braces brackets. After braces treatment, a retainer is utilized to keep the teeth in their new tooth position. Crossbite correction invisalign is generally a straightforward and painless orthodontics process. You will be able to achieve optimal tooth alignment with this set of clear aligners. Clear braces crossbite is another one of the ways to fix a crossbite that is less visible than previous procedures.

Surgical Method

The surgeon will purposefully break the jaw bones in multiple places after fitting the patient with a custom-made gadget. A palate expander cannot deliver the same level of expansion that jaw surgery can.

Crossbite Vs Underbite

Crossbites occur when your teeth do not line up properly after you close your mouth. When your upper teeth are broader than your lower teeth and sit on the outside of each other, you have a crossbite.

When there is an underbite, the lower teeth are separated from the upper teeth. A typical side effect is Class 3 malocclusion (jaw misalignment). Learn more about severe overbite and treatment.

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