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Looking for a specialist in child orthodontics Lakewood, Colorado? You have found one! Belmar Orthodontics offers free orthodontic consultations for children, teenagers and adults.  The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children have their first orthodontic visit between the ages of 7 and 8. Having an examination early on helps prevent the progression of orthodontic issues that may be present.  In cases where orthodontic issues are developing early on, these early visits with Dr. Hardy can help with both early detection as well as prompt treatment. When certain orthodontic problems–such as underbite or crossbite–are left untreated these conditions can become more severe complicating issues and lengthening the overall treatment time needed to correct them. Early detection and treatment is vital for good oral health and maintaining a beautiful smile.

Advantages of Child Orthodontics 

Even if you do not detect any dental issues with your child and/or your child does not show any signs or symptoms of orthodontic complications, there are still many advantages you can benefit from by visiting an orthodontist at an early age such as:

  • Observing the progress of incoming teeth
  • Monitoring the facial and jaw development
  • Guiding incoming teeth into their ideal position
  • Detecting hidden dental issues
  • Reducing the risk of impacted teeth
  • Decreasing the risk for permanent tooth extractions

What Can I Expect at a Child Orthodontic Visit?

At Belmar Orthodontics, we understand the importance of helping young patients develop healthy attitudes about visiting dental professionals and know that the first impressions they form will stick with them.  Dr. Hardy and our friendly Belmar Orthodontics staff are gentle and comforting with our young patients who often have apprehensions about visiting a dental office. Our goal is to practice an open, compassionate dialogue with them so they can feel comfortable and safe.  With the exciting advances in the field of orthodontics, we are confident that we can offer your child or teen aesthetically-minded treatment options to help our younger patients feel less self-conscious about their orthodontic treatment. Through patient education we help establish good dental habits in our young patients that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Why Should I Choose Belmar Orthodontics?

Choosing who will be responsible for your child’s oral health is not an easy task, but is definitely a decision you want to take some time with. Dr. Hardy earned advanced specialty training in orthodontics and has extensive experience correcting misaligned teeth, adjusting occlusion (the way the teeth fit together), and treating jaw disorders.  He also participates in continuing education and training in the most modern technology available so that you can be confident your children are getting the best diagnostic and treatment tools available.  Our office offers more orthodontic treatment selections than your average orthodontist especially with our unique capability of offering latest technology in dental braces, including KLOwen Braces. This software system allows us to design your perfect smile, then create custom brackets and precision wiring to correct your bite in a shorter time. .  Belmar Orthodontics doctors and staff have proven themselves in their ability to work well with children of all ages to give them that one-on-one attention that they deserve. We strive to provide children with a positive experience, while simultaneously giving them smiles they will love to share with others.

Schedule a Child Orthodontics Lakewood Consultation

If you have questions about child orthodontics, or if you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hardy, please contact our Lakewood office today at 303.225.9016.


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