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clear ceramic braces

Young woman with lingual braces

There are many services we offer when it comes to straightening the teeth, including Incognito lingual braces and traditional metal braces. These two options are very similar, however, lingual braces are made slightly different than traditional metal braces because of where and how they are worn. Both will give you amazing straightening results and both are services we provide. What choice is right for you? Which is best for your budget and for your time? We can help you know the difference between Incognito lingual braces and traditional metal brackets and help you choose which option you’ll love the most. As always, with professional orthodontic care through Belmar Orthodontics, you can be sure you receive quality straightening power no matter what option you choose.


Investing In Braces

When you invest your time in braces, you are making an investment for the rest of your life. Your smile is one of the first physical features others see. Is that smile making an impression? We want all of our patients to have beautiful, healthy smiles. Why? Beautiful smiles are quite attractive to others. In studies, those with a straighter, more beautiful smile are seen as more attractive, trustworthy, confident and successful. Straighter smiles tell others that you take care of yourself.


When it comes to your health, a straighter smile can also help reduce your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. This is because the teeth are aligned and much easier to clean, especially in between the teeth. Plaque has a harder time staying stuck on the teeth and causing problems when the teeth are easier to clean. So when it comes to both aesthetic and health reasons, braces can really change your life! There are many options when it comes to choosing the right braces for you. Some of the most popular options in orthodontics are traditional metal braces and Incognito lingual braces.


Traditional Metal Braces

These are the braces you probably imagine when you think of braces. They are traditional because they’ve been around for decades and are proven to straighten your teeth effectively. Traditional metal braces are worn on the front of the teeth. In times past, the term “metal mouth” was a term some used to describe those who had these braces. However, studies have shown that braces have become a luxury in modern times.

Traditional metal braces are more popular than ever, especially among teenagers. Metal braces have also taken on a much smaller and sleeker design so you no longer have a mouth so full of metal. The best part about traditional metal braces (besides how well they work) is that they are also the least expensive option when it comes to orthodontic care. You can also dress up these braces with bright bands of color and express yourself the way you want.


Incognito Lingual Braces

Love the idea of metal braces but don’t exactly love how noticeable they are? We are excited to be able to offer our patients an alternative to traditional metal braces: hidden lingual braces. There are about 4.5 million Americans that currently wear braces. Of those, 25% are adults. The majority of the rest of braces wearers are teenagers. It is common for some adults and teenagers to avoid orthodontic treatment because they find metal braces to be unattractive or distracting. However, most people love to have straighter teeth. The solution? Incognito lingual braces!


With lingual braces, you can achieve the same results as traditional braces with a hidden treatment apparatus on the tongue-side of your teeth (by the tongue and palate). This is why they are referred to as “incognito” braces—they stay hidden (or incognito) as you straighten. We will take an impression of your teeth and make customized brackets fit perfectly to you. Lingual braces work much like traditional metal braces by slowly shifting the teeth into proper alignment. Unlike metal braces, each tooth must have its own installment of brackets and wires, as the lingual braces are shaped to each tooth back. Special training and technical expertise are needed to install these braces, and they do cost a bit more than traditional metal braces. However, you receive the trade-off of these braces being so undetectable.


Other Braces

There are more options than just traditional metal braces and Incognito lingual braces. We also offer:

  • Invisalign – For those seeking an option that goes beyond Incognito braces, they can invest in Invisalign. This is a series of transparent aligners that are replaced every 1-2 weeks. They are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, drinking, cleaning and sports.
  • Ceramic Braces – Made from ceramic material, these white braces seek to have the functionality of traditional metal braces while blending into the teeth. Both the brackets and the wires can be made white so the braces are hard to see against the teeth.


Getting Your Braces

When it comes to receiving your braces, we want to give you options so that you truly enjoy your braces experience. Both traditional metal braces and lingual braces will work hard to straighten your smile. The dentists at Belmar Orthodontics have the expertise, training and experience to install both traditional metal braces or Incognito lingual braces to your smile. To start your orthodontic treatment with metal or lingual braces today, call our Belmar Orthodontics office today at (303) 225-9016!

Clear Braces Lakewood

Young patients love the versatility of clear braces paired with colorful elastic ties. Clear braces provide something no other treatment option can; color REALLY stands out when you want it to. Kids love to stand out and love the creativity that they can express with their smile during orthodontic treatment.  We want braces to be fun. Clear braces with colored elastics brings the fun in!  Our Belmar Orthodontics staff is dedicated to helping you enjoy the smile transformation process. We want you smiling before, during, and after treatment! Clear braces offer you that confidence-boosting option.


Give Me Some Color, Please!

Kids love to choose color elastic ties (ligatures) for their braces that correspond with their favorite sports team, their school, or the holidays. Not sure which color combination to choose?  Not to worry! Dr. Hardy and our friendly Lakewood staff can help you come up with a color combination that you will love to share! When it is time for your next adjustment you can continue the color combination or swap out for a new one! Or, go clear! Some of our adult patients like to opt for a more discreet look so they will choose clear elastics that make their orthodontic treatment almost invisible.


Can Elastic Bands Stain?

Not all industry elastic bands provide you with stain resistance, but at Belmar Orthodontics we use top-of-the-line elastic bands fabricated by 3M Technologies. The National Institutes of Health published the findings of a study of the stain resistance of 5 different types of bands, and 3M elastics were shown to provide more resistance to staining than the competition. Adhering to proper oral hygiene with your braces and avoiding foods that stain will help clear-colored bands retain their desired color.


Low-Profile Brackets with Increased Comfort

Another advantage that clear braces have over traditional is their size and shape.  Ceramic brackets sit lower on the teeth and have rounded edges.  Because the bracket doesn’t sit as high on the tooth, they are less noticeable. The rounded edges also protect the soft tissues of your mouth from irritation or sores.


Your Time with Braces is Temporary–Take Advantage of It!

Although you may think your time with braces is going to feel like forever, you will be surprised how fast your treatment passes.  Before you know it, this chapter of your life will be over and so will your time with braces.  Make the most of it! Look for ways to make your smile unique and to have fun with it! If you take care of your teeth after your orthodontic treatment, and wear your retainers, this will be the only time you will need braces.  Although at times they can challenge your patience, orthodontic braces today really are amazing technology that YOU get to benefit from! Braces of the past were bulky, uncomfortable and had longer treatment times.  The braces of today are stylish, more effective, less obtrusive and can really help boost your confidence.


Why Choose Belmar Orthodontics for Your Orthodontic Care?

As active members of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Hardy and our entire team of dental professionals are dedicated to creating a relaxed, personalized experience for our Belmar Orthodontics patients. We invite all our patients–both young and old–to actively participate in their care by asking lots of questions and expressing any concerns that might arise might during treatment.  Educated patients know what they want, know what it takes to get it, and know better how to retain it when they are done. We offer many flexible treatment options to help you have the experience you want during and after your time with us.


Schedule a Clear Braces Consultation to Learn More

If you are considering ceramic clear braces, but still aren’t sure if this bracket system is for you, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the pros and cons.   Clear ceramic braces by 3M Technologies are rising in popularity because of their ability to offer you the pros of traditional braces without the cons of Invisalign, and with a much more aesthetic approach. Call today to learn all the things you can do with clear braces to make your treatment unique, fun and effective. You can make an appointment by contacting our office at 303.225.9016.  We are excited to meet you and help you reach your smile goals!

The Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

Posted on: July 21, 2016

Clear ceramic braces lakewood coloradoClear ceramic braces replace the traditional metal bracket system of the past with the power and beauty of clear ceramics. Clear braces are just that (clear) making your braces less noticeable to others and with a material that is kinder to the enamel of your teeth. Clear braces are often selected by adults and older teenagers that don’t want the visibility of traditional braces, but like the convenience of a fixed system unlike Invisalign.  Learning about the advantages of this bracket system can help you determine if they are for you.


They’re Clear!

No one can argue with the clear, aesthetic design ceramic braces achieve. The translucent braces blend in naturally with your teeth making them much less noticeable than other types of braces. Their low-profile design also aids in rendering them virtually undetectable. For certain professionals this clear design is a necessity! Clear ceramic braces were designed for patients of any age who are looking for the confidence and the freedom to smile in any circumstance without worrying that their braces will distract or garner too much unwanted attention.


Add Colored Bands to Make a Statement

Our younger patients often have a different outlook than our young professionals or adult patients–they want color! They want their braces to pop and make a statement.  When colored bands are placed on clear ceramic brackets they really enhance the bracket and create an impressive “wow” factor unlike traditional metal brackets. Kids like to wear their local school’s colors or to dress their teeth to match a holiday.  Ceramic brackets give them an option to have some fun!


Reliability, Strength, Comfort and Small Bracket Design

Ceramic braces differ from metal braces because they offer a smaller bracket design which takes up less space on the front of your tooth. Their innovative, fine-grained ceramic material is stronger than the competition making them less resistant to damage and more resilient during your treatment.  They are also more resistant to staining and discoloration throughout the treatment process than their predecessors. Clarity™ ADVANCED Clear Ceramic Braces by 3M were designed with rounded corners to improve patient comfort and reduce irritation that occurs from brackets with rougher edges that come in contact with the soft tissues of your mouth.


Easy Removal After Treatment with High-Tech Debonding

One of the questions many patients fail to ask when they are researching the different kinds of braces, and their associated advantages and disadvantages, is how easily are they removed after treatment? Some bracket bonding agents can be very harsh on your teeth and can take part of your tooth enamel during the removal process. You don’t have to worry about this happening with Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces by 3M. Dr. Hardy abides by certain standards of care for his patients to ensure that they only receive the best of the best.


Clear Ceramic Braces Safeguard Teeth 

It should be the goal of each dental practitioner to utilize the best material for patient treatment.  Dr. Hardy not only believes in this principle, but makes it happen. Studies comparing the different materials designed exclusively for the bonding of brackets and attachments have been conducted to ensure that the highest bond strength is matched with the least amount of change to the tooth enamel upon application, during treatment, and at removal. Demineralization around the bracket is an undesired side effect of some orthodontic treatment materials and methods.  3M Technologies went a step further with their innovation to create a top-of-the-line bonding agent that prevent this demineralization around the bracket. Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces do all this without sacrificing the superior, adhesive strength you should expect so brackets stay strong and fixed during the treatment process.


Created by a Company You Can Trust

Trusting the outcome of your orthodontic experience is dependent on the skills of your orthodontist and staff, but also on the products that they choose to use for your treatment.  You can trust that your decision to use ceramic clear braces, designed and fabricated by 3M Technologies, will give you the results you deserve and expect. They are a recognized, industry giant with many accolades to their achievements in innovation and science.


Schedule a Clear Braces Consultation to Learn More

If you are in need of orthodontic treatment, but are worried about how the appliance may impact your appearance, you are not alone. Patients desire to have both a product that is innovative and effective, but also visually appealing.  The dental industry has listened to this request and has answered by bringing you the innovation of clear ceramic braces.  Clear ceramic braces by 3M Technologies offer you all the pros of traditional braces without the cons of Invisalign, and with a much more aesthetic approach. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for clear ceramic braces–and to learn more–is to schedule an appointment for an in-office consultation. Make an appointment by contacting our office today at 303.225.9016.  We are excited to meet you and help you reach your smile goals!