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Color, Color, Color! Make a Statement with Clear Braces

Clear Braces Lakewood

Young patients love the versatility of clear braces paired with colorful elastic ties. Clear braces provide something no other treatment option can; color REALLY stands out when you want it to. Kids love to stand out and love the creativity that they can express with their smile during orthodontic treatment.  We want braces to be fun. Clear braces with colored elastics brings the fun in!  Our Belmar Orthodontics staff is dedicated to helping you enjoy the smile transformation process. We want you smiling before, during, and after treatment! Clear braces offer you that confidence-boosting option.


Give Me Some Color, Please!

Kids love to choose color elastic ties (ligatures) for their braces that correspond with their favorite sports team, their school, or the holidays. Not sure which color combination to choose?  Not to worry! Dr. Hardy and our friendly Lakewood staff can help you come up with a color combination that you will love to share! When it is time for your next adjustment you can continue the color combination or swap out for a new one! Or, go clear! Some of our adult patients like to opt for a more discreet look so they will choose clear elastics that make their orthodontic treatment almost invisible.


Can Elastic Bands Stain?

Not all industry elastic bands provide you with stain resistance, but at Belmar Orthodontics we use top-of-the-line elastic bands fabricated by 3M Technologies. The National Institutes of Health published the findings of a study of the stain resistance of 5 different types of bands, and 3M elastics were shown to provide more resistance to staining than the competition. Adhering to proper oral hygiene with your braces and avoiding foods that stain will help clear-colored bands retain their desired color.


Low-Profile Brackets with Increased Comfort

Another advantage that clear braces have over traditional is their size and shape.  Ceramic brackets sit lower on the teeth and have rounded edges.  Because the bracket doesn’t sit as high on the tooth, they are less noticeable. The rounded edges also protect the soft tissues of your mouth from irritation or sores.


Your Time with Braces is Temporary–Take Advantage of It!

Although you may think your time with braces is going to feel like forever, you will be surprised how fast your treatment passes.  Before you know it, this chapter of your life will be over and so will your time with braces.  Make the most of it! Look for ways to make your smile unique and to have fun with it! If you take care of your teeth after your orthodontic treatment, and wear your retainers, this will be the only time you will need braces.  Although at times they can challenge your patience, orthodontic braces today really are amazing technology that YOU get to benefit from! Braces of the past were bulky, uncomfortable and had longer treatment times.  The braces of today are stylish, more effective, less obtrusive and can really help boost your confidence.


Why Choose Belmar Orthodontics for Your Orthodontic Care?

As active members of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Hardy and our entire team of dental professionals are dedicated to creating a relaxed, personalized experience for our Belmar Orthodontics patients. We invite all our patients–both young and old–to actively participate in their care by asking lots of questions and expressing any concerns that might arise might during treatment.  Educated patients know what they want, know what it takes to get it, and know better how to retain it when they are done. We offer many flexible treatment options to help you have the experience you want during and after your time with us.


Schedule a Clear Braces Consultation to Learn More

If you are considering ceramic clear braces, but still aren’t sure if this bracket system is for you, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the pros and cons.   Clear ceramic braces by 3M Technologies are rising in popularity because of their ability to offer you the pros of traditional braces without the cons of Invisalign, and with a much more aesthetic approach. Call today to learn all the things you can do with clear braces to make your treatment unique, fun and effective. You can make an appointment by contacting our office at 303.225.9016.  We are excited to meet you and help you reach your smile goals!