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Traditional braces are the tried and reliable way of correcting alignment and straightening teeth, and were the first common orthodontic tools produced for this reason. They are built of materials such as high-quality stainless steel or titanium alloys and are meant to be sturdy and corrosion-resistant. They employ a metallic arch wire, brackets, and orthodontic ligatures, or bands, to deliver the necessary pressure to correct even the most severe cases of crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth.

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How much are Metal Braces in Lakewood?

Traditional braces are often less expensive than other forms of braces. Although they are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials, they are very visible, making them unappealing to many teenagers and adults. They usually cost about $4,000.

List of Costs for Metallic Braces:

  • They usually cost between $3,000 to $ 7,500
  • Early consultation cost that ranges between $100 – $200
  • X-rays are important and in most cases can cost between $60 – $150

How much are Metal Braces with and without insurance?

Traditional braces with insurance can save about $1,500. The cost for metal braces without insurance is about $3,000 to $7000. Payment plans usually start at $69 per month.

NOTE: Our office Belmar Orthodontics provides a free consultation and x-rays, and includes retainers in the treatment fee. Get all of the information you need about conventional braces, or if you live nearby, schedule a consultation to learn more.

Why isn’t there a set cost of conventional braces, but a typical price range instead?

The cost of conventional braces therapy will vary depending on the intricacy of the patient’s situation and where you will receive the treatment. The more complicated the issue, the more expensive the therapy will be.

Does the price include retainers?

Retainers will be included in the cost of your metal braces treatment. Retainers are used after metal braces treatment to keep the work done by the braces together.

Is it a good investment?

The major benefit of all forms of braces is an aesthetic benefit. In today’s society, this is an excellent way to spend money. However, braces aren’t only for appearances. Straightening teeth and correcting bite abnormalities make it simpler to brush and floss, reducing cavities and gingivitis and the expenditures associated with their treatment.

Ways to Save more money

Metal braces may appear to be solely cosmetic for a more appealing smile, but this is not always the case. Crooked teeth might lead to dental issues in the long run. There are numerous programs available to reduce or stretch out the cost of orthodontics. If you’re searching for strategies to save money on metallic braces, consider the following:

  • Insurance Friendly Practice: Braces and dental alignment treatment, including metal braces, are now covered by an increasing number of insurance policies. You’ll still have to pay a percentage of the bill, but it may assist with the expenses. Belmar Orthodontics accepts many types of insurance. In addition, we will file any insurance claims on your behalf. Are you unsure about what your insurance policy covers? To ensure that your benefits are maximized, we will give a comprehensive benefits check and manage all insurance paperwork.
  • Government Loans and Programs: Unfortunately, metallic braces are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare is designed to assist those over the age of 65, and it only covers dental emergencies. However, there is a slim chance that your state’s Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will cover the cost of orthodontic treatment for children. Except for a kid and/or an emergency, this is unlikely to be covered by Medicaid.
  • Flexible Spending Account – FSA: This is a defined amount of pretax money deducted from your income and set aside solely for healthcare expenses. They are only available through an employer who provides that choice. This service is included in many employee benefit packages. They are frequently simple to use with a debit card and may be accessed at any time. Keep in mind that these money will not roll over, so use them up before the end of the year.You can learn more about FSA’s here.
  • Health savings account – HSA: This is a government-managed savings account that allows you to set away pretax income to pay health-care expenses not covered by your insurance. Learn more about HSAs. Contributions are deductible for tax purposes. The following are the two distinctions between an FSA and an employer-sponsored HSA: Funds in an HSA can be carried over into the next year, and HSAs need you to have a high-deductible health plan. Talk to your doctor’s office as well as your benefits representative since you may be able to pay your doctor for this service and be reimbursed via your FSA or HSA. Your benefits provider may also be able to directly pay your doctor. Find out more about HSA’s.
  • Affordable Treatments at Dental Schools: You might always do some research to see if there are any nearby dental schools that provide service discounts. There are schools that will give you a discount if you agree to let a student learn under your supervision. A excellent dental school will have a board-certified dentist supervise the student who is giving your treatments.
  • Can you Afford In-House Payment Plans & Financing? Many offices have monthly payment plans so you don’t have to pay your entire cost all at once. You may always inquire about the dentist office’s in-house payment options and see what they have to offer. We value your dental health just as much as you do. Dental costs are frequently cited as a cause for patients postponing required procedures, which might exacerbate the situation later on. We wish to help you avoid this situation by providing you with the finest alternatives or support in completing dental care payments. All major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, and American Express, are accepted. We also work with outside finance providers like: CareCredit, GreenSkyCredit, and the Lending Club.

Lakewood Braces Cost Near Me

When it comes to saving time and money, choosing a dentist close to where you live, work, or go to school is critical. In addition to normal visits, there may be a few therapy or follow-up appointments later. Having your dentist practice close will make things easier. Look for a metal braces specialist who has a good reputation and with whom you are at ease.

Schedule an appointment with us to discover more about us, the insurance providers we take, and additional metal braces cost information. Our friendly staff is eager to meet you and assist you in achieving a brighter, healthier smile. Lingual braces and transparent aligners are also available.


In Lakewood Are metal braces worth it?

A beautiful smile may boost your confidence, and conventional metal braces can enhance not just your bite but also your entire health. Metallic braces are comprised of sturdy, long-lasting materials that will enhance your bite immediately.

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With a population of 142,980 as of 2010, Lakewood is the most populous municipality in Jefferson County, Colorado, as well as the fifth most populous city in Colorado and the 172nd most populous city in the United States. Lakewood is a self-governing city west of Denver. It is a major city in the Front Range Urban Corridor and one of the major cities within the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Lakewood boasts one of the nicest views of the Rocky Mountain foothills and is conveniently accessible by light rail from Union Station. The City is predominantly a business center, with the “downtown” portion of the city located in Belmar, a modern shopping district. Its downtown, which features shops, restaurants, a movie theater, and pedestrian-friendly areas, has become a popular hangout for both residents and visitors.

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Lakewood also has a vibrant cultural and recreational scene. The Lakewood Cultural Center is 38,000 square feet and has a 300-seat theater and exhibition space, while the Lakewood Heritage Center includes ten historic structures and 30,000 artifacts, as well as a popular outdoor amphitheater. 40 West Arts, a Certified Colorado Creative District located along the West Colfax Corridor in Lakewood, comprises more than 20 public art pieces, numerous performing arts spaces, and a dozen galleries.

With more than 80 well-kept parks, Lakewood is one of Denver’s top areas for outdoor enjoyment. Bear Creek Lake Park is the city’s most visited playground. A large fishing lake, paved and dirt bike and hiking trails, picnic areas, and a summer water-skiing concessionaire are among the attractions. Hayden Park on Green Mountain in Lakewood gives a great workout as well as spectacular mountain vistas for mountain enthusiasts. (wikipedia)

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