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Get that Smile You Want with a Style that is Uniquely Yours

Orthodontics - style


Orthodontics today allows teens to use their braces to make bold fashion statements. Who could predict that braces of the 21st century could be dressed up with color bands and brackets giving patients control over their “look” in ways like never before imagined. Learn how orthodontic treatment can be fun, fashionable and full of choices for your teen who wants a say…in everything!


Looking Good Helps You Feel Good

Make no doubt about it, when you feel good about the way you look, it boosts how you feel about yourself.  Belmar Orthodontics wants you to feel good about your appearance during your orthodontic treatment AND after. We offer our customers several different options for orthodontic appliances so you can choose the method that you like the most.  Regardless of which method you choose, you can exercise your power of choice throughout the process to find ways to express yourself. Being an active participant in the process will help you enjoy it more!


Make a Statement that is All You!

Regardless of whether you have chosen to have clear ceramic braces or traditional metal braces you can make a statement with your smile by adding colored elastic bands.  Colored elastic bands make braces fun! Every 4-6 weeks you will have your elastic bands switched out so you can put together different color combinations throughout your treatment process.  Your treatment providers at Belmar Orthodontics will let you consult a color wheel of elastic band choices. Choose one, or several different colors. You can customize your smile to match a sports team, your school colors, or holiday colors. If you have ceramic clear braces, you can opt for clear bands if you feel like having an absence of color for a while. Whatever your mood may be, you have choices with orthodontic elastic bands.


Which Color Bands Will Bring Out the Whiteness of Your Teeth?

One of the questions we get frequently in our office is how can I make my teeth look whiter? The type of color bands you choose for your brackets can make a difference.  How color appears on your teeth and how it corresponds with your facial appearance has to do with your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone, opt for more neutral, mellow colors like: light blue, or light pink.  You can also reach out to bronze, dark purple or dark blue to get the beaming results you want. Darker colors tend to make your teeth appear whiter, but watch out for some dark colors–like black–sometimes they can pull out the grays of your enamel and metal brackets and make your smile look darker. If your skin tone is darker, you can make your smile appear whiter by incorporating elastic bands that are violet, pink, orange, turquoise, dark blue or gold.  


Why Choose Belmar Orthodontics?

As an active member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Hardy and our entire team of dental professionals are dedicated to creating a relaxed, personalized experience for our Belmar Orthodontics patients. We invite all our patients–both young and old–to actively participate in their care by asking lots of questions and expressing any concerns that might arise might during treatment.  Educated patients know what they want, know what it takes to get it, and know better how to retain it when they are done. We offer many flexible treatment options to help you have the experience you want during and after your time with us.


Schedule a Braces Consultation to Learn More

If you are considering braces, but aren’t sure what bracket system is for you, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss the pros and cons of the different systems and your goals. Call today to learn all the things you can do with braces to make your treatment unique, fun and effective. You can make an appointment by contacting our office at 303.225.9016.  We are excited to meet you and help you reach your smile goals!