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Adult Orthodontics for the Working Professional

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Are you a working professional that is worried that you don’t have time for adult orthodontics or braces?  Are you worried that the orthodontic appliance will limit you in your current profession or industry? Belmar Orthodontics is happy to tell you that we have solutions that can dispel these worries and help you rectify orthodontic concerns you have been delaying treatment on. Learn how our convenient Lakewood location can help you achieve your smile goals on your terms!


Convenience and Subtly with Adult Orthodontics

The working professional has limited time and many responsibilities that often make adult orthodontics seem like an impossibility. Some of those responsibilities require that they limit physical distractions or things that could impede their speech abilities. Working professionals often have to consider their appearances and first impressions. One of the biggest contributors to the first impression is our smiles.  Ask yourself, is your smile confident? Is it clean? Do you hesitate in sharing it? Working professionals need to be at their best so they can produce their best work. They don’t have time for health issues that are directly related to not taking time to correct misaligned bites or crooked teeth.  Most working professionals want to improve their smile and their overall health, but they just don’t see how they can do that and keep up with their busy schedules while retaining a professional image. In the past, the only option working professionals had for adult braces involved noticeable metal wires and bracket systems with frequent needed adjustments.  For the working professional, traditional metal braces are often found to be too distracting, and too time consuming. Luckily, in the 21st century, the working professional has orthodontic options for straightening your smile and improving your oral health that are nearly invisible to the naked eye and that don’t require frequent office visits.


Under the Radar Adult Orthodontics 

Most of our Lakewood adult patients that we see have known that they need orthodontic treatment for years but have been postponing it because of concerns over convenience and interference with their professional image. Put those worries aside because we have options that allow you to put your health first while still retaining your professionalism and goals. Our most popular discreet options for adult orthodontics include:  short term braces, ceramic clear braces, hidden lingual braces, and Invisalign clear, removable aligners. Using these methods, we can shorten the time it takes to achieve noticeable results while still allowing you to go about your life normally.


Short-Term Braces

Are you a working professional who is interested in aligning your front six teeth–the teeth that are most visible when you smile?  For some patients–that don’t have complicated orthodontic issues–we can offer you short-term braces which work to align the front six teeth with no adjustment to the occlusion (bite). If this is your main goal with adult orthodontics, and you are interested in a short treatment time, our experienced orthodontists can evaluate your smile/occlusion and determine whether short-term braces will succeed for your needs.


Ceramic Clear Braces

Ceramic Clear braces are another popular option that offer all the functionality and convenience of traditional metal brackets, but they incorporate ceramic clear brackets that are made to match the color of your teeth.  Matching the bracket system to your teeth offers a cosmetic benefit to your treatment that many of our patients appreciate.  Ceramic brackets used in the treatment are also also more resistant to staining, helping to protect your smile and keep it looking its best during treatment.


Invisalign Removable Aligners

One of our more popular choices among working professionals in need of adult orthodontics is the Invisalign® system. Invisalign® treatment allows you the ability to straighten your teeth in a way that is discreet and on your terms.  Invisalign® employs a system of removable, clear, custom-fit aligners that gradually and gently move your teeth into their proper position without limiting your ability to eat, drink, brush, and floss easily. You switch out the aligners yourself when it is time for an adjustment so you bypass a trip to the orthodontist saving you precious time.  Since Invisalign aligners are removable, if you have an important presentation or event, you can remove the aligners–temporarily–and then put them back in and continue with your treatment and goals. The freedom this orthodontic treatment provides has allowed many working professionals the ability to keep up their professional image and devote time to their health simultaneously.


Hidden Lingual Braces

Lingual braces have been giving Invisalign some competition because of the cosmetic advantage they present.  Lingual (tongue-side) braces are bonded behind the teeth rather than in front so they are not visible when you talk and smile.  Lingual braces offer the same results as traditional braces, but with a nearly undetectable look during treatment. Athletes, musicians who play wind instruments, media professionals and patients who are not candidates for Invisalign®–but desire to have more discreet orthodontic treatment–may prefer this adult orthodontics treatment option. Belmar Orthodontics uses the state-of-the-art Incognito Lingual Braces System from 3M Technologies. 3M offers some of the best technology in the business.


Schedule a Adult Orthodontics Consultation

Belmar Orthodontics stays on top of the best orthodontic innovations of our time offering you the best there is to offer. We are dedicated to the working professional and understand your need for convenience and adult orthodontics that are not distracting when you smile or speak. We have options that can fit your busy lifestyle! Come in for a free consultation at our Lakewood office so you can better learn about how you can make the necessary needs to your smile while keeping it under the radar! Serving the Lakewood, Golden and Wheat Ridge area, we are dedicated to offering you a positive experience, while simultaneously making your smile the best it can be.  If you have questions about how adult orthodontics can improve your smile, or if you are interested in scheduling an adult orthodontics consultation with Dr. Hardy, please contact us today at 303.225.9016.